Acting for Film and TV


Looking to expand your acting skills? Want to focus more on Acting for Film and TV? Want some footage to add to your showreel?

Acting Out Drama School's Acting for Film and TV Course is designed for experienced actors (who have completed a term at either Intermediate Acting, Advanced Acting or equivalent) 


"Get off the stage and go in front of the camera to discover whole new perspectives on acting!"


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Immerse yourself in the elite Acting for Film and TV Course to get a better understanding of some of the greatest acting techniques for the screen: Focus on your training using Stanislavski, Chekhov, Meisner, Strasberg and other practitioners from an Acting for Film and TV perspective.


Practice your skills and learn how to work with scripts, audition scenes, directors and the camera as well as working towards a polished monologue or scene for your showreel.

As you develop your skills and confidence in front others, learn to play with the camera and understand what directors want on set. Perfect your audition routine and re-enact classic lines and dialogues from films and TV. 

Classes are filmed and each week will focus on different elements to enable you to engage effectively with the camera, your on-screen partner, and your text. Gain Individual feedback from the group and the coach together with video analysis of your own work.

A quick video from some of our Acting Out Drama School students explaining their own experiences, pathways and progressions from Beginner to Professional Actors / Directors and everything in between! Be inspired and feel good about enrolling!

Depending on the course title, you will be working towards a filmed monologue or filmed scene with other actors. These will be professionally edited and privately screened on the last week of term. The footage will also be available for you to use in your own showreels.

Students can continuously enrol term after term to build on their showreel material and gain more knowledge and experince in Acting for Film and TV. Each term is different.


Acting Out Drama School, Film and TV

You get more than just an Acting Course with Acting Out Drama School

Your Tuition Fee Includes:

-Certified Course with Education Scotland (CPD PLFind)

-  Excellent Tuition and training from professional directors and coaches

- Over 18 Hours of Training and Performing in Class 

- Only 12 students per term

- Filmed Monologue or Scene (available to use for showreels or private practice)

-  Pathways and Guidance to progressing towards Advanced & Professional Training

- Homework and Extra Materials outside of class time

 - Casting Opportunities 

- NUS Student Card (payable to NUS)- 

- Payment Plans for Early Bookings

Acting Out Drama School, Acting for Film and TV



Dates: Tuesday 18th February - Tuesday 14th April 2020

Times: 8pm - 10pm

Location: Theatre and Studio, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL


Payment Plans Available at Checkout

Additional Information

Professional Filmed Scene shot the last two weeks of term (14th and 21st of April)