Improvisation Acting Course

Do have a bit of experience in acting and want to take things a little more seriously but still have loads of fun? Are you looking to improve your improvisation, characterisation and comedy skills?

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Acting Out Drama School's Improvisation Acting Course is designed for actors and speakers who really want to throw themselves into Improvisation, Characterisation, Comedy, Devising and just having some good, old-fashioned creative fun.

Students should have completed their Beginners Drama Course and be at Intermediate or Advanced Level.

For the first part of the Improvisation Acting Course term, you will work on raising the standard of your improvisational skills. You’ll get used to thinking on the spot, responding to an audience and gaining the confidence to just go for it.

For the next part of the term students apply improvisation to “method” acting, using their expanded skills to understand a variety of concepts, such as Characterisation, Imagination, Tempo Rhythm and lots more. Explorations of methods change each term.

There is a mixture of advanced performers and those who have successfully passed the beginners course. Students who do well in this course also have the opportunity to explore the Intermediate Acting and Performance Course, where you progress and train more seriously in acting as well as performing an end-of-term Public Performance in a Professional Theatre.

Students interested in writing, directing, comedy or improving public speaking also benefit from this course. 


You get more than just a drama class with Acting Out Drama School

Your Tuition Fee Includes:

- Certified Course with Education Scotland (CPD PLFind)

- Excellent Tuition and training from professional directors and coaches

- Set Weeks of Training and Performing (+ homework)

- Individual Feedback

- NUS Student Card (payable to NUS)

- Casting Opportunities

- Pathways and Guidance to progressing up to the Performing Courses

Not sure you qualify? Contact us and Check!

Improvisation Acting Course (April - June 2019)
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Tuesday 30th April - 25th June (running every Tuesday)

8pm - 9:30pm 

Theatre and Studio, Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL


By the end of the course students will have:

- Improved their existing skills of improvisation

- Practiced and revisited the fundamentals of Improvisation

- Explored various structures with short form and long form and the derivatives from them such as mono-scene, montage, La Ronde, A Sybil, or Harold.

- Practiced and received feedback on the level and consistency of good process 

- Gained a profound knowledge of improvisation and many of it’s extensions

“The content of the course will be a mix of recapping fundamentals, exploring shortform and longform, practice and feedback. Although the ‘who’s line is it anyway’ style of comedy improv will be part of this course, there will also be work on using improvisation to develop dramatic narratives and enhanced characterisation which could be used in devising new work. We’ll be looking at a variety of processes throughout the course such as establishing location, character and relationships; avoiding questions, adding statements; object work and recall etc. The main emphasis will be to work with what performers bring to the table! I’m really looking forward to working with you all!"

(From your expert Coach: Calum)

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Just want to say a massive thank you for the course and the show! Even though I was so nervous, what a buzz! I thought we were all awesome and it’s thanks to Acting Out for guiding us. I’ve signed up for the Intermediate Acting & Performance Course which I’m really looking forward to but I am thinking I might do the improv course again in the future – you’ve given me the bug!
— Tracey (Acting Out Student)