Private Lessons

For those who seek a bespoke, individual, private and unique form of training, which is designed 100% for them.


Private Lesson enquiries are confidential. We work with and respect clients from all types of professions and social status. 


Public Speaking Expert Clare Cairns, Scotland

Public Speaking 

Covering a wide range of techniques with Public Speaking Expert, Clare Cairns or her team. Depending on what you require you may train in presenting and general tips & tricks, as well as improvisation, vocal work, networking, interview skills, meditation and self-hypnosis. Clare and her team use whatever is right for you at the time of your lesson.

Private Acting Lessons Edinburgh

Acting & Performing

Work with a variety of expert acting coaches (or stick with the one we recommend). Covering a huge variety of methods and disciplines from serious acting to stand up comedy. Train in audition preparation for drama school & professional work, or train to improve your skills. Beginners are also welcome to start their journey this way. 

Singing Lessons Edinburgh

Singing & Performing

Find your voice, or improve your singing with Leading Conservatoire Trained Singing & Voice Coaches from all over the world. Covering vocal technique, breath control, pitch and tone development, voice and singing quality and performing your songs with emotion and truth (acting). Beginners and  Professionals are welcome.