Drama School Auditions by L. Jones

Part 3 - Persistence pays off

I auditioned 6 months later for a number of schools and had more nightmares along the way. Though things were getting better. Practice makes perfect they say. On one of the auditions I started to enjoy the experience and slipped right into character (just as I did at home on my own). It was a psychological gesture from the Checkov book that did it. A week later I got a letter saying I’d got a recall audition. I did the same general stuff at the recall and a week after that I got another letter to say I’d been accepted into the 3-year acting course at the Oxford School of Drama. I also got recalled to Guildhall and East 15 acting schools. Bully for me! 

However, the moral of the story is, I could’ve saved time and money by having private tuition from a qualified coach who had experience of these things. A lack of knowledge and experience conspired to deliver the truth about my acting abilities at my first audition. A good drama coach would’ve seen through me in a second. No doubt, after some serious tuition, they’d have arranged for me to perform my speeches in front of a class, to get used to the setting and pressure this entails. My one-off, flying visits to drama schools all over the country to face a firing squad of stone faced tutors and accessors was a particularly intense way of doing things, with little or no feedback other than my intuition. Actors are always learning. And even the best benefit from quality training in an environment which allows them to experiment and see, without the pressure of failure.