Terms and Conditions with Acting Out Drama School


You have agreed to attend classes with Acting Out Drama School. Acting Out Drama School will not refund any monies paid, under any circumstances. All bookings made are non-transferable. Failing to attend three or more classes in a row can result in automatic withdrawal from the class without refund. If you are paying in monthly instalments, you agree that payments will be charged on the same date you make your first instalment on for each month after until the agreed monthly instalment plan has ended. You must make your payment on these agreed dates, even if you / the student has left the course for any reason or this can result in automatic withdrawal from the class without refund or your debt being assigned to a collection agency. You also understand that there is a late fee charge of £10 per week for any late or missed payments. Acting Out Drama School and its staff cannot be held responsible for students outside the starting and finishing hours of the class. Acting Out Drama School expects students to take care of their own personal belongings and does not accept liability for belongings that may become lost or damaged. You agree to inform the staff via email to hello@actingoutdramaschool.com of any changes to the information you have provided, such as medical or contact details, as soon as is reasonably practical. Should Acting Out Drama School fail to get back to you within 7 days to confirm receipt of your email, you agree to provide the updated information in writing to the class teacher. You also accept that Acting Out Drama School has the right to refuse or exclude students from lessons at its discretion at any time without reason and refund. Acting Out Drama School will not pay any refund, compensation, reimburse expenses, or cover losses for any amount, as a result of circumstances beyond our control (for example, but not limited to, cancelling a class due to dangerous weather conditions). Acting Out Drama School do not provide re-sits or refunds for any failed or missed exams or qualifications under any circumstances. In the result of a failed exam or qualification, Acting Out Drama School may work with the candidate on an appeal basis for an additional cost, payable to the school. For private lessons, there is a strict 24 hour notice cancellation policy, or your lesson is fully chargeable.

With regard to Data Protection, Acting Out Drama School complies strictly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, effective from 25th May 2018, as detailed in our Privacy Policy on the Acting Out website.

In particular, please note that we have a strict no mobile, no photography and no filming policy in class and during performances. Failure to comply with this policy and any other rules stated verbally or in writing can result in automatic withdrawal of the student from the class without refund.

You understand and agree that Acting Out Drama School may take photographs or footage during performances or lessons. And that these can be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which complies with the GDPR.