THREE SHOWS EACH NIGHT! Raising money for charity as always! 
Featuring our Advanced Actors in Medea by Euripides, directing by award winning Philippos Philippou. Also starring our Intermediate Acting Level 2 students in The Coffee House, a devised adaptation of Carlo Goldoni's classic and our Intermediate Acting Level 1 students in Girls Who are Boys Who like Boys to be Girls... A Gender Bender
Celebration of Classic Monologues. Both directed by the amazing Marion Geoffray.



Public Speaking Help is here! It's scary speaking in public but if you take part in course and then practice your skills, you'll get better every time! Contact us today and learn how we can help you with your Public Speaking Training.

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Intermediate Acting LEVEL TWO **** JUST ADDED!

Intermediate Acting Course Level two is the perfect bridge class to the Advanced Acting Course. It's only for students who we have trained previusly or auditioned. Audition is not required to enrol though (if we have worked with you previously). Acting Out Drama School loves Edinburgh Acting training and opportunities.


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Public Speaking Edinburgh

Acting Out train 1000s of people each year in Public Speaking in Scotland. If you want to improve your presentation skills, vocal impact and effective communication - Acting Out Drama School can help in association with Public Speaking Consultancy Ltd. Our next course is in September. It lasts 9 weeks and dramatically improves your skills and confidence. For more information about our Public Speaking Course in Edinburgh please just get in touch with us today!



Saturday 24th June at 7pm

Showcasing our very talented Acting Students and Singing Students who are based in Edinburgh.

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Acting Out Kids & Teen Showcase

  • Saturday, June 24, 2017
  • 2:00pm  - 3:15pm
  • Assembly Roxy


Saturday 25th June at 2pm

Showcasing our very talented children drama group and teenage drama group who are based in Edinburgh.

Advanced Tickets SOLD OUT! TICKETS AVAILABLE TO BUY AT 1:15pm BOX OFFICE on the day.

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Singing Classes Edinburgh

Acting Out Drama School provide Edinburgh with Singing Classes for all abilities and the option to perform in a show. Train with Conservatoire Vocal Experts like Jennifer Lau. Improve your voice and singing ability as well as your confidence. Singing Out Courses are suitable for everyone who wants to progress in the performing world. 

Brand New Directing & Devising Diploma Course

Looking to become a Professional Director or Theatre Maker? Want to Work with the Traverse Theatre Directors & Leading Coaches?

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Public Speaking Edinburgh

We've still got a few places left on our April Public Speaking Course. Start to improve your public speaking in Scotland today, with expert coach, Clare Cairns. Classes begin on the 18th April from 6pm - 7pm at the Cluny Centre in Morningside. 

Crocodile Skin by Rob Macpherson

Auditions are a strange beast. As a performer we long for them, we spend months dreaming of a call or a response to an email, and yet, when we finally receive the carrier pigeon, we find ourselves in a state of fear.

Having spent a decade in this boat-come-dingy, it’s clear to me, we pile too much pressure on ourselves. We’re very much our own worst enemy before we’ve walked out the front door, let alone into the audition room. We often forget the people in that room want us to do well. It’s true that sometimes they find it impossible to raise their head above a laptop screen, or struggle even to remember your one syllable name… but it's easy to forget, they want you to nail it. 

It can also be hard to appreciate the complexities of production, whilst you’re the one being asked to improvise with a hoover. I recall the first audition I had after drama school where the director stopped me halfway through a scene to ask if I was mentally handicapped. I couldn’t stop laughing because of the ridiculousness of the situation. 

As performers we place ourselves in crazy scenarios continually. It’s how we adapt to those scenarios that makes us stronger, and subsequently successful. One tip is to use auditions as future anecdote opportunities, as opposed to cringing at the horrors. I’ve found talking with friends and family is the best therapy.

I have a crocodile skin. It didn’t come easily. And there’s certainly lot of bruises to show. But what is key to remember is that what we do isn’t normal. We find ourselves in a world where people choose self-check outs over a free cashier. We text rather than call. Yet performers charge through this norm, putting themselves out there and often without feedback, guidance or support, and certainly no polite email to say, “Thanks but we went a different way.” 

The truth is, we don’t acknowledge how impressive we are. To go through large periods of nothing before we’re told to bungee jump off a cliff is unthinkable to most people. When the time comes, and we’re taken off this world, we can be proud that we went for it. We tried. We gave it our best... and someone thinks I’m mentally handicapped.

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Public Speaking Edinburgh

Looking for Public Speaking in Edinburgh? Edinburgh is a great place to train. We've got the castle, the Festival and a superb Public Speaking Coach who lives right here! Clare Cairns is Acting Out Drama School's Public Speaking Expert. She's trained 1000s of people, organisations and educational systems in speaking out. 100% of students state that "they feel more confident", "have learned new skills" and "feel ready to speak in public now" after completing her course. 100% of students also say "the course tuition fee was fair" and that they would "return to do another course with us". So what you waiting for? Take part in your Public Speaking Course in Edinburgh and start improving yourself in a fun, safe environment with a leading expert.

Drama School Auditions by L. Jones

Part 3 - Persistence pays off

I auditioned 6 months later for a number of schools and had more nightmares along the way. Though things were getting better. Practice makes perfect they say. On one of the auditions I started to enjoy the experience and slipped right into character (just as I did at home on my own). It was a psychological gesture from the Checkov book that did it. A week later I got a letter saying I’d got a recall audition. I did the same general stuff at the recall and a week after that I got another letter to say I’d been accepted into the 3-year acting course at the Oxford School of Drama. I also got recalled to Guildhall and East 15 acting schools. Bully for me! 

However, the moral of the story is, I could’ve saved time and money by having private tuition from a qualified coach who had experience of these things. A lack of knowledge and experience conspired to deliver the truth about my acting abilities at my first audition. A good drama coach would’ve seen through me in a second. No doubt, after some serious tuition, they’d have arranged for me to perform my speeches in front of a class, to get used to the setting and pressure this entails. My one-off, flying visits to drama schools all over the country to face a firing squad of stone faced tutors and accessors was a particularly intense way of doing things, with little or no feedback other than my intuition. Actors are always learning. And even the best benefit from quality training in an environment which allows them to experiment and see, without the pressure of failure.

Drama School Auditions by L. Jones

Part 2 - Licking my wounds

You'd be forgiven for thinking that was the end of my particular journey. But it wasn't. I didn’t give up and say, “Maybe acting’s not for me.” No. I was made of sterner stuff. Or perhaps I was simply too stubborn and arrogant to admit defeat. I was a Taurus after all. Yes, I’d endure more, fuelled by the magical belief... somehow, I could do it.

My mind was made up. If it took forever, I’d get into drama school. I bought a book entitled, “To The Actor” by Michael Checkov. I studied and practiced the method. I showed my new and better chosen speeches to members of my family, and performed them as a character created from inside; something with foundations and a living, beating heart. I knew how Mercutio walked; how he tilted his head and swaggered and smiled his dirty little smile when he talked about women. I knew he was a reckless artist of the sword and had a glint in his eye that meant mischief to his enemies. I was re-born. And to the battle field I returned having licked my wounds and found both a sword and a shining coat of armour.


Drama School Auditions by L. Jones

Part 1 - An ill-fated audition

I remember the first time I delivered a speech, not only in front of the tutors of a well established drama school, but also the students of the year above, who’d been invited to sit in and watch me dry up from the inside like a worm injected with salt. I hadn’t any previous acting experience but thought I had enough charisma and self-confidence to wing it into a 3-year acting course

The first thing I noticed as I walked into the room were the faces. Eager and curious. Some smiling. Some simply enjoying the break from their studies. One or two with a raised eyebrow must have sensed by my body language I was out of my depth. My hands were trembling as I folded my speech paper in half and put it into my pocket. The only problem was I couldn’t remember the first line of either the Shakespeare or the contemporary. That had never happened before. A plug hole opened in my stomach and all charisma and confidence began draining out of my body. 

I was told to begin by the middle-aged, grey-haired tutor, whose voice was classically English, and at that moment, terrifying. Having no concept of the method, I couldn’t get into that place I’d been when I’d practiced on my own in my room. I tried to feel an emotion. The practice of which was even more ridiculous than it sounds. I put one hand in my pocket and scratched my head with the other. I took out my speech and read the first line. I put my speech back into my pocket and began to recite like a five-year old child in a nativity play, going at the same exaggerated pace as the droplets of sweat which ran down my cheeks to leap in suicidal relief onto the stage floor. All my saliva had gone. Rough craters appeared on my tongue, the back of which kept sticking to the roof of my mouth, making me sound as if I’d just been to the dentist to have some teeth removed.

As my body flushed in red, it also began picking up the general vibration of the room, feeding it into my brain as a kind of heightened sense. Pity, disgust, and the type of embarrassment which makes eyes screw up and mouths widen to show teeth, hit me like an invisible force field. And there was more… something else… yes… abject pleasure from that smiling swine with the glasses. I noticed three girls with their heads in their hands. Snakes squirmed in my stomach as I stumbled through an ill chosen Shakespearean monologue which incurred a two person slow clap and a nod from the tutor who told me to start my contemporary speech without further ado. This monologue happened to be from the film “Jaws”. I was now the wild and eccentric Captain Quint. What in God’s name was I thinking? I was twenty-two years old and had never caught a fish in my life. In a confused jumble of words, I missed lines and finished early. I was given a seething silence from the audience and a, “Yes, well… thank you for that,” from the tutor who’d already folded his arms and crossed his legs and dipped his head to stare into his notes and then rubbed his temple in despair with two fingers. Yes, I was watching. I saw them all during my torture, because I was as far from Captain Quint as a hawk from the moon. Dismissed. Sent home, never to be seen or heard of by anyone there again.

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